Greetings all - I'd very grateful for the professional opinions around the "best" (most suitable) development platform for developing a public/social occasions site. Since "best" too vague, allow me to become more specific!

Let me produce a web-based business (a fundamental site) that allows people publish and check for local occasions within their neighborhood. Great good examples of the items I wish to create are and I plan to earn money by selling ad' space and getting people pay to publish "premium" occasions.

I've got a detailed site specifications doc (actually, I am not really a programmer). Before I publish a task on Guru or RentACoder, I would like to be certain I realize which kind of programming platform (and programmer) I ought to search for.

My current thinking is Wordpress since it appears like many of the functionality I would like has already been available via plug ins.

Consider I understand hardly any about Drupal, RoR, PHP, Java, I would like to be certain I pick the best platform for me. Here are the a few things i want my website to complete to assist shed more light:

  • Registration/login for customers
  • Facebook/Twitter integration
  • Use forms to capture user and event information
  • Ability for customers to look published occasions by zipcode (like Yelp)
  • PayPal and banner advertisements integration

I plan to pay attention to a nearby geography in the beginning but, when the website is ready to go, expand to major US metropolitan areas. Scalability will become important and that i desire a site that's ultimately able to support countless concurrent customers with no complete redesign.



There really is not a "best" platform with this site. I think you will be best getting a good developer (or team) who's enthusiastic about the website, and uses whatever tool(s) they think preferred with to be able to meet your value propositions.

Nevertheless, here are a few facts to consider:

  1. Will you have to have the ability to edit content on the website? This could vary from requiring to publish a comment to having the ability to add/edit occasions / blogs / etc. If this sounds like the situation, you will want to make certain the designers make use of a standard Content management systems. You shouldn't have to allow them to roll their very own Content management systems, and also you certainly don't wish to need to depend in it to place this kind of content up if it will be frequent. Individuals ought to be indicators.
  2. html, css, and javascript continue to be nobleman - They are abilities that you will want to search for no matter what platform they build the website on. Actually, it's known to build up the prototype (or clickable design) in pure html/css/javascript to obtain the feel and look lower.
  3. Do you know the dimensions of the several developer towns in your town? For those who have an energetic customers group for your technology, for instance, then whomever you hire may have assets, and you will have the ability to find more / substitutes too
  4. Obviously, how good you train with the designers may finish up being more essential compared to technologies they will use (to some extent, a minimum of). If this sounds like intended becoming a lengthy-standing relationship, then look for designers who are able to talk to you concerning the product according to your company goals, and who understand your goals and constraints.