I am thinking about developing a social media + MP3 lecture installing / browsing / leaving comments / discovery website using Ruby on Rails. Partly just for fun as well as a way to learn some Ruby on Rails. I am searching for a social media framework will be able to use like a grounds for my website. I'd rather not re-invent the wheel.

Searching the net I discovered three such frameworks. Which of those three can you recommend using and why?


http://world wide web.communityengine.org/


It is dependent what your focal points are.

If you want to understand RoR, do all of it on your own. Seriously. Roll your personal. It's the easiest method to learn, much better than hacking through another person's code. Should you choose that, sometimes you will be learning Rails, but sometimes you'll you need to be learning that social networking framework. And you will not know that is which...

The kind of site you are recommending sounds ideal for a Rails project. Should you find yourself in trouble, then go see the databases of those frameworks. Who cares if you are reinventing the wheel? It is your site, how well you see, your rules.

Should you simply want a website ready to go, i quickly would pick Insoshi or LovdbyLess due to the fact they are as they are applications so you will need to do less to complete get running. I would recommend attempting to set them up both, and presenting yourself within the Google Groups. That'll provide you with a very good sign of wether you are getting along.

Update: Insoshi's license has transformed towards the Durch license, meaning you are essentially free related to it as being you please. But nonetheless, evaluate the license for just about any code you're thinking about before getting too committed to it.

Something to bear in mind when determining may be the license for that code. Insoshi is licensed underneath the GNU Affero Public License, http://insoshi.com/license. What this means is you need to distribute the origin code for your Insoshi-based web application to anybody who uses that web application. You will possibly not wish to accomplish that, by which situation you will need to pay Insoshi a license fee (they dual license, like MySQL).

LovdByLess is distributed under an Durch license, http://github.com/stevenbristol/lovd-by-less/tree/master/LICENSE. Which means you may use the origin code however you need to.

I have not labored with one of these but am conscious of this comparison:

"Unlike Insoshi and Lovd By Less, which are full social media Rails programs, Community Engine is really a wordpress plugin that may add social media features to existing Rails programs"


http://world wide web.rubyinside.com/community-engine-rails-wordpress plugin-that-adds-social-networking-to-your-application-901.html

Regarding RailsSpace, this is a very nicely built Rails 1.2 application, and i believe it had been up-to-date for compatibility with Rails 2.x. You will find a good book which was discussed the RailsSpace application (in other words, RailsSpace and also the book were written together).

But, RailsSpace grew to become Insoshi, once the authors were so inspired by the quantity of curiosity about a social media site built-in Rails. So while RailsSpace may be a fascinating learning exercise, it's dead when it comes to development. All the authors' efforts (for over a year now, I believe) happen to be starting Insoshi rather, so that's best places to be searching.

An alternative choice for anybody who would like to produce a social site without needing to construct it on your own may be the EngineY framework. EngineY is really a social media framework designed in Ruby and Rails. It offers a lot of popular social media features for example activity streams, groups, photos, discussion boards, status updates, occasions, blogs, wall posts, integrated twitter feeds, and much more. EngineY can also be underactive development with additional features being added constantly. Read much more about EngineY and download it from: http://world wide web.enginey.com