So at this time I am rocking Apache 2.2, which I have had running a couple of years (just for local reasons). With Apache, I've PHP 5 installed. Lately I installed Tomcat 7 for Java Servlet support (GWT particularly). I additionally have Tomcat supports SSL (on the separate port that is annoying but workable for the time being).

Here's my problem. GWT cannot use PHP pages and PHP cannot use SSL (unless of course I install that on Apache). What will be the best answer to obtain GWT, PHP, and SSL on single server or at best in a position to interact.

I believed maybe install PHP on Tomcat since it already has GWT and SSL ready but a fast Search did not show promise about this. An alternative choice I have heard is the fact that Apache can forward certain demands (for example Java Servlets) to Tomcat. I am wishing someone includes a quick response to save me the headache of Searching.

Also, Apache is running on port XXX1, Tomcat XXX2, and Tomcat SSL XXX3. It is possible to method of getting all of these on one port? I am speculating it'd need to be set up in the router/gateway and submitted to every correct port?

Use Apache like a proxy for Tomcat, and also have the SSL set up on Apache. You will need to use mod_proxy with this. An example configuration would seem like this:

ProxyPass /tomcat/

You'd then access the Tomcat assets by prefixing a /tomcat/ towards the URL path.

Resin is really a Java application server having a full PHP5 implementation.

Just finishing the solution distributed by Jon, have a look to this configuration for everyone the Tomcat programs from Apache.

Tomcat, it appears, can run PHP. Discovered that answer on another Thread which indicates this handy tutorial. I'd still prefer to determine if anybody has another solution?