I've got a MSSQL2005 DB about 140 tables. I wish to create either an accessible diagram or perhaps a computer API type document using the table structure. It is possible to program that provides this type of db visualization?

I've found the diagramming included in SQL Server to be really cumbersome and incredibly inaccessible for my DB size.

Have a look at SQL Doc.

I usually used Visio for this kind of factor.

I love Toad Data Modeler with this. It reverse-engineers Microsoft SQL Server databases (along with other brands of databases too), but in addition to that, you can begin making your modeling changes within the oral appliance it'll generate change scripts.

If you are using another woman's tool, make certain that you could round trip changes - meaning, should you put constantly and energy into having your documentation right, and you alter the database inside SQL, are you able to re-import your changes in the database without overwriting your projects within the documentation tool? The majority of Them avoid that, but Toad Data Modeler does.

(Disclaimer - Sometimes for Mission. I made use of the program before Mission purchased, though, and try to loved it.)