I'm thinking about finding candidate software that will help me develop a program that is going to do this:

  • simple key-value store, with key as being a hash, and cost as being a potentially large file (10-100mb. total dataset can certainly go to 200gb or more)
  • really low amount of demands. maybe 1000 each hour, most likely less
  • between 2x-5x more reads than creates
  • instantly remove data that has not been queried for some time to help keep diskspace in check
  • it's suitable for the machine to get rid of data.
  • easy install / couple of dependencies / simple to make xplatform

Sofware like Redis and MongoDB appear like interesting candidates, they also greatly appear to try and solve the issue of effectively coping with many demands per second, usually running websites. Essential I don't have whatsoever.

I'm wondering knowing of the tool that might be a much better match towards the specific problem I'm attempting to solve.

Because of the relationship between reads versus creates and also the needs generally, I would suggest MySQL with MyISAM (Not InnoDB).