I am developing a website having a Question &lifier Answer Board (OSQA ⊕ askBot ⊕ soClone ⊕ Question2Answer), your blog, a Mailing-List (Google Groups?), Search Scripts (with tag-cloud support) &lifier Calendar Software (Google Calendar?).

What's best for my needs Django or WordPress?

Appreciate any suggestions.

I am unsure a word answer is going to do only at that instance. You've quite a listing of different types of functions for the site. You most likely don't wish to build from scratch, so I'd choose Wordpress because the primary core, adding functionality with plug ins.

[edit] This article has something to say of django versus wordpress.

I am unsure whether it will meet your requirements, but when you are thinking about Django, you could also have a look at web2py, that is another well-integrated full-stack Python framework. You will find existing Q&A, blog/CMS, and discussion forum applications (though not so mature). Plus, web2py causes it to be about as easy as it can get to construct your personal functionality.