I am thinking about writing a Feed Aggregator having a team, but I am wondering what XML Database we ought to use. The server presently runs IIS 6. with PHP 5.3. x64, I realize already which i need both a server application along with a PHP extension.

What I have discovered already:

  • Galax
    • Have formerly used this at college, however i aren't able to find information about this on the internet, it has a tendency to show details about another thing named Galax or even the Universe...
  • eXist
    • Along with Phexist this appears just like a last measure, although it's dated from 2007.
    • Bad documentation.
    • Wondering whether it has all features I'll need with the development.
  • Sedna
    • Looks professional and comes with API support for PHP.
    • Good documentation!
    • Wondering whether it has any disadvantages.
  • Berkeley DB XML
    • Also looks professional, Oracle is well-known and that i have come across Berkeley before...
    • Aren't able to find documentation immediately, only a classic presentation.
    • I will need to fool around with looking to get the PHP extension to compile.
  • Saxon
    • Difficult to set-up in PHP and appears bloated and unstable whenever you achieve this.
  • ...
    • Are there more solutions?
    • Is PHP adequate with this?

I would like to hear your thinking on the easiest method to make this happen, thanks ahead of time!

DB2 ($$$) has great XML integration - however, you pay for this. This is exactly what we use where Sometimes. You'll have to (should anyway) be running the most recent PHP if you are likely to use PDO to interface into it.

I suppose you are searching for a database that may natively handle XML. From the understanding (hearsay) Oracle and MS-SQL also handle XML but they're less polished.

On view Source world I have no idea things to recommend for tight XML integration.