Hi im battling to place a rollover background colour behind a a menu using blogging platforms. Im attempting to achieve something similar to this yellow band on this website http://alecsoth.com/photography/

this really is my css for that menu (at the moment i'm able to obtain the gray box and also have attempted background colour a:hover links but can't appear to have it to operate) -

/* =Layout

#wrapper {

width: 80 margin: auto

#header {
display: block;

#main_nav {

width: 10em margin: -2.8em float: left display: inline position: fixed width: 170px height: 100% padding: -18.0em 4.3em 9.1em 5.5em background: #f5f5f5


#content {

width: 80em margin: 1.7em float: right display: inline min-height: 30em

#entry_content {

width: 60em margin: 2.5em 4.5em float: left display: inline

What for you to do is make use of the :hover pseudo-class like so:

#main_nav:hover { background: #NEWCOLOR }

Just pop this line to your css file and alter NEWCOLOR towards the color hex of the desire.