Bioinformatics databases for example BioGRID collect lots of interaction recent results for proteins and genes in various species from a variety of guides and experiments, but such collations sufer from testing biases since not every combinations are examined, plus some are examined more often than once. Should not additionally they collect all negative results? Can there be this type of resource which methodically collects both good and bad interactions from High Throughput and Low Throughput experiments?

These may help:

and to date I understand databases of non-players or non-binding drug-like compounds exist

You need to search for the 'Negatome', database of non-interacting protein pairs.

Smialowski P, Pagel P, Wong P, Brauner B, Dunger I, Fobo G, Frishman G, Montrone C, Rattei T, Frishman D, Ruepp A. The Negatome database: a reference set of non-interacting protein pairs. Nucleic Chemicals Res. 2010 Jan38(Database problem):D540-4. Epub 2009 November 17. PubMed PMID: 19920129 PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2808923. Offered by:

1) High throughput screens which are released in peer examined journals frequently have such data. Cessarini has released negative results regaring domain/peptide interactions. 2) You are able to contact data bases like mint/reactome/etc... and mention that you would like the negative results where they are offered. Many such organizations are needed by mandate to talk about such data along with you, even when its this is not on their website. 3) A great resource about this subject is here now