I've checked out this let's focus on some while but in some way I'm missing something. I've got a site that appears ok in opera and chrome however in IE the very first div will get "split" right. It appears as though IE takes the very first block element within the div and locations that within the next column. the page using the error: http://populair.eu : in IE the thing is it jumps right. I really hope someone can answer this. I really hope not its something simple...

the html that will get split is:

<div class="blockcontent">
a <a href="">b</a>

so a goes left and b right?

update: I erased the entire items in the design and style.cascading stylesheet (so NO styling left...) also it STILL splits it argh i quickly removed the divs within the code above ... also it STILL splits it... ok... time to visit sleep i believe.

update 2 i designed a notepad file with only:

<HTML><BODY><DIV id=wrapper><A name=top><DIV id=content>
argh <A href="">b</A> </DIV></DIV></BODY></HTML>

The very first aspect in the wrapper (the a title) determines the width. Basically remove that element they're proven ok. So it should be how big the wrapper. The issue is... I've because of the wrapper a width of width:750px and also the column a width of 200px.

update 3 solved

I recieve it the a title=top shouldn't be between 2 divs... a minimum of... for IE. SOLVED

I recommend using "float: left" to make certain your elements are nested justified left. Make certain your parent systems are sized properly and try to use "margin: auto" if you will find no margin particulars.