I realize this is about the fringe of being for stackoverflow, but nonetheless, Personally i think it's worth asking.

I have began using bitbucket.org a few days ago, attracted by mercurial hosting, 1 free private repository, a wiki as well as an problem tracker. Precisely what I desired for my project.

I must say, the characteristics offered and also the website's interface looks great, and that i did not have issues with mercurial-related things to date. However, after these day or two I'm questioning basically should move elsewhere although it still easy (I've not marketed the wiki page yet, etc...), because I'm running constantly into major and minor issues:

  • Of these couple of days, I have observed lots of site slowdowns and a few timeouts
  • I've found the wiki to become rather limited in features (apparently it is dependant on Creole Wiki, never heard about it before). It doesn't permit, for instance, right-aiming of images, borderless tables, etc. (well maybe it will, however the documentation does not tell)
  • I have observed some bugs within the wiki (a TOC-generation macro problem was reported more than a year ago, but nonetheless not fixed)
  • I have attempted making my wiki public by altering the configurations within the Admin panel, however it does not work.
  • more wiki things [like placing images is awkward, developing a new page is not very apparent, internal connecting has it's issues too, .. ]
  • the type order within the newsfeed was wrong after i pressed a multi-commited changset
  • It is extremely nice (and brave!) they've an openly accessibly problem-tracker for bitbucket, but seeing a listing well over 500 open issues (28 pages * 20 issues per page) does not provide the impression they're taken proper care of in addition to they might. A minimum of some issues might have been gone to live in some 'will-not-consider' condition. I'm afraid my bug report concerning the private/public wiki page it's still inside within twelve months
  • Your blog provides extensive publish about 'downtimes'

Now, I'd rather not be way too hard about the people/company running bitbucket, because it is not obvious in my experience whether it's practically run by an individual (by which situation it's truly amazing) or perhaps a well-run company (by which situation it's not :-). Possibly they've some growing pains... It's hard that i can tell.

So, things i am searching for here, is a few encounters of others with bitbucket, and advice basically should hold on, and hold back until things improve (good chances with this?). Or otherwise.

Jesper from Bitbucket here.

We are quite a small team. Actually, more often than not, it's mainly me who sysadmin/coding. This leaves short amount of time to build up something totally new, and often, it does not even let me keep everything running easily (slowdowns/short black outs always happen after i sleep.)

I recognize this will not work over time, then one must be done. Therefore, I've made the decision to employ a lot of people, mainly designers, but additionally a devoted sysadmin and one or two UI men (to create things more attractive/more functional.) I am presently wading through programs, and you will find lots of promising candidates inside.

Wrt/ stability, I have also provisioned 2 (much) bigger instances from Amazon . com, where we all do our hosting. We are tossing more income only at that. I am moving a lot of customers/databases to those bigger instances today, and rigtht after this, we'll concentrate on making things faster too.