I've problem: It really is strange for me personally as after i add:

include ("/home/p002/htdocs/Project2/library/IntelliSMS/SendScripts/IntelliSMS.php");

Which is correct path I've only blank page! However when I add:

include ("/homedddd/p002/htdocs/Project2/library/IntelliSMS/SendScripts/IntelliSMS.php");

Which is wrong path the page isn't blank, it appears like working OK however it cannot find this file. This means something is wrong with this particular IntelliSMS library it doesn't use my server but I don't know why? Most likely server obstructing delivering sms or something like that? Have you got any idea? This library comes from http://intellisms.co.uk/sms-gateway/php-sdk/ Maybe there's problem it needs the OpenSSL extension module? What must i get it done to begin works?

Thanks verrry much for your help but I've discovered solution!

There is problem that there is an unpredicted char on the start of this IntelliSMS.php most likely /r/n and also the server was debian and so i have remove all chars on the start of the script and add once more an enter also it began works!

I've lost a lot of time just for this :/ Existence is brutal!
I personally don't like this invisible errors! )