I have to develop a new WordPress site form scratch. And So I guess I want an empty theme to achieve that. I have to know where I'm able to find this type of theme like this, and that i require a tutorial that will help me to produce my first WordPress theme on your own.

I am new for the reason that world. So please I want your help.

If you are beginning without any Wordpress understanding, In my opinion you are best modifying an empty theme than you're creating one on your own.

Check out this tutorial I made use of after i began doing custom styles. The HTML gets outdated semantically, however it will train all of you working areas of a Wordpress theme.

Like a starter theme I personally use HTML5 Boilerplate which is filled with quality HTML5 and extra features like file caching, mix-browser readiness, mobile phone readiness, and file caching, to title a couple of. In fact it is got a small default styling.

You may even find the wordpress site useful. Cheers.

beginning with twentyten or twentyeleven is not a poor option either.

Whatever theme you choice turn it into a child theme.
It might appear like something complex in the beginning but it'll make things simpler on the way.

Theme Hybrid includes a great blank theme: http://themehybrid.com/themes/skeleton