It is really an problem that lots of individuals have been attempting to resolve, and i'm along the way of creating a website that this is actually the last part. I suppose that things i am saying is the fact that I'd TRULY thank you for help. So, let's begin...

I've got a couple of groups along with a couple of taxonomies during my blog.

Because it stands right now, basically by hand type i quickly might find a listing of all of the posts under "category_title" AND underneath the "taxonomy_term".

My real question is... How do i allow it to be to ensure that I do not have to by hand type for the reason that Hyperlink to make it happen? How will it be to ensure that when someone clicks one category after which clicks one taxonomy term - they see a listing of posts under Both category and also the taxonomy term?

Quite simply, I'd like these groups and taxonomies to do something as filters. Should you click a category, the thing is all of the posts under that category. Should you then click a taxonomy, it functions like a filter and just shows the posts under that taxonomy Inside the category you're viewing. I really hope this will make sense..

This could presently be achieved having a widget from wordpress plugin known as Taxonomy Drill Lower, but I must have the ability to get it done by hand within the code.

P.S. 1) I understand how to question and display posts listed under BOTH a category Along with a taxonomy, but I'm not sure steps to make it to ensure that the totally acquired dynamically when someone clicks individuals... Right now, I simply possess a code by which I'm able to set the course ID and also the taxonomy ID and wherever I place it, it shows the posts listed under both IDs I specified.

P.S. 2) Also, are you able to please let me know the way i can alter the URL to ensure that it might be: or ?

Many thanks ahead of time!