Apart from style, can there be any factor between your 2, possibly in similar to Search engine optimization?

And elegance-smart, it is possible to "standard"/sound practice about this, or its just as much as your individual preference?

No "best practice" is applicable.

Your decision is much more frequently determined by administrative factors that other things. Some factors may be:


  • you are able to host it with an entirely different machine towards the primary site
  • it could make integration using the primary site harder (snacks, authentication, database servers, etc)
  • the "blog" DNS record may be the first reason for control


  • the blogging software ideally uses exactly the same technology because the primary site (eg php)
  • the blogging software always uses exactly the same technology in the primary site (eg linux)
  • the webserver may be the first reason for control

As far I am aware it can make minimal impact on Search engine optimization.

Subdomains allow it to be simpler if you wish to swap only the blog to another server (as you're able to alter the DNS for that subdomain but keep your primary area of the domain pointing towards the original machine), however they may also make AJAX demands and snacks behave in a different way because of subdomains being viewed as "different domain names" in some instances.

blog.domain.com is construed like a website all by itself while domain.com/blog is see like a sub-page or sub-directory from the domain.com for the way your site is setup. In my opinion Google Statistics even comes with an choice to verify and track sub-domain names, which segments them like a separate site.

Site, like DIYNetwork.com contributing to.org utilize sub-domain names, because despite the fact that it's still determined by parents URL it enables chance to accommodate a completely various and independent website effortlessly in monitoring statistics.