Utilizing a wordpress wordpress plugin known as Wordpress Social Login I've permitted customers to comment by signing in with assorted internet sites.

The issue is following the authentication happens inside a new window which window shuts, the initial window then refreshes. I'd like this window to not refresh and rather triggers some javascript to re load certain parts of it.

I've discovered the road in authentication.php where it shuts your window, but cannot determine what causes it to be refresh the present page.

After lots of PHP is performed, this happens...

function init() {
        'action'   : 'wordpress_social_login',
        'provider' : '<?php echo $provider ?>'

<body onLoad="init();">

That shuts the appear. Why is the primary window then refresh and just how can one stop it.

I am sure parents window doesn't see if the kid window is closed however the popup has something similar to:

<body onunload="opener.location=(opener.location)">


window.opener.location.href = window.opener.location.href;

somewhere inside a script.

the popup appears to call wsl_wordpress_social_login before closing.

try to look for this function around the wordpress plugin code