Databases are my weakness. If only to teach myself much more about them. The only real factor I've ever completed with them was creating them (simple ones!) in Visual Studio 2010, where you could do with no actual understanding of programming. Used to do apply certain C# together but which was IT. However am thinking about using C++ with databases as well as on Linux platform. What book can you recommend a newcomer about this subject?

This is a book about PostgreSQL dedicated to relational database creation, maintenance, SQL language and C++ programming with this particular RDBMS.

PostgreSQL By: Korry Douglas Susan Douglas

You will find helpful manuals on PostgreSQL also:

I believe you can start from learning SQL language and at the start it's not so important which RDBMS you'll use to learning (maybe SQL Server is nice to begin due to easy installation and simple GUI). So for me don't consider C++ or Linux now, but simply learn fundamentals of SQL. Hooking up to database from programs is next thing.