After plenty of searching and looking out on stackoverflow I can not appear to locate something that will do the job.

What exactly I'm searching for:

A online booking system where customers can list their products and manage them themselves. Set availability and approve reservations.

If this type of factor doesn't exist I'd rather simply have a webpage listing my available flats/rooms/etc where I possibly could administer the reservations around the customers account.

I have been searching at booking calendar and merely installed it however the functionality for every user giving their very own apartment isn't built-in it appears (checked the compensated versions also)

Any suggestions?

Regrettably this is not a wordpress wordpress plugin but appears to become what your searching for.

You appear to wish a very specific, turn key application -

It is extremely unlikely that you will find anything which meets your needs - and merely detailling what individuals needs are is much past the scope of the items stack overflow is about.

However you will find tools that might give a beginning point for developing a credit card applicatoin. You may have a look at MRBS or OpenRes

You have labeled this publish as "wordpress" provides me with lots of reason to think that you might 't be capable of develop this yourself (not too there's anything wrong with Wordpress - its simply not highly relevant to the issue).

You need to take a look in the next link:

It appears such as this software programs are a solution for the thing you need since set availaibility and approve reservations plus they can list their products and manage them themselves.

Tell me that which you consider it.