I had been wishing I possibly could acquire some recommendations or pointers with a books that may assist me to comprehend the internals about graph databases.

When I only say internals, I'm interested mainly in Why graph databases are essential, particularly what mathematical procedures it performs exceptionally well at. Also, I must understand it's implementation, a minimum of an advanced perspective.

Thanks Eric

I believe you will see graph databases from a minimum of two different perspectives:

  • database theory / computer science
  • semantic web / understanding management

You appear interested in the very first perspective, but when you need to get introducing the 2nd one, I suggest the Why Semantics presentation by Toby Segaran, also coauthor of Programming the Semantic Web.

Here's some book suggestions that may be useful:


You could do this worse than obtaining a duplicate of Knuth's 'The Stanford Graphbase'. It might be a little dated right now, however the fundamentals haven't really transformed.

If you can get Mathematica then 'Computational Discrete Mathematics' by Pemmaraju and Skiena is nice too.