I have been practicing doing topcoder and acm contests(local ones and exercise sets). But I am striking a brick wall when it comes to performance. I'm able to solve the very first topcoder problem, but rarely the 2nd one. I want some solid theory and memory of common methods/algos/structures involved with these kinds of competitions. Just attempting to solve the issues isn't enough if they're way too hard for me personally.

So what can I just read to enhance this skill? Note*: I possibly could just pickup an "calculations" book, but that is likewise as the things they train me in college. I am searching for something which covers material that does not normally fall under programmer's formal education.

I am searching for some thing customized or appropriate for formula competitions like topcoder and the like.

I suggest Summary of Calculations, second edition. Its an excellent book to possess, even when used just like a reference.

Maybe a little moldy, however i recommend it "Cyber-terrorist delight".

I've not really look at this book series my self, but they are designed to cover lots of ground, formula-smart: Jesse Knuth: Art laptop or computer Programming.

Read code.

Look for a site that enables you to definitely view other individuals solutions. Hire a company who's just a little better and focus his programmes. Then, find someone else and repeat.

Look into the other comments for good examples of websites.


Google Code Jam

Do the questions, it will cover a number of subjects.

That which you most likely require is to really feel the logic of every problems. Find do you know the difficulties, what part it is simple to solve, and where you stand blocked. When you don't have any approach to take further, stop and check out the issue. Will it be simplified? It's most likely possible.