There's an internet site during my corporate intranet, and I must update information on it using IE6. frequently. the URL finishes with .asp

I suppose it's home windows_domain-specialized, because after i open the URL in opera, a dialog requests username/password jumps out, which never appear when utilizing IE6.

Basically keyin username/passwd for logging in to the corporate domain(say, my very own PC), a web page is uncompetely displayed, that is complete on IE6.

I'm able to make use of a really little c,python,perl,html/javascript. but this case is actually beyond me with no kind hint.

so.. worthwhile ideas? must i learn some winAPI with this, or shall I use autohotkey-like languages ? thanks ahead of time.

You should use selenium IDE (a wordpress plugin for opera) it'll record what for you to do and you will listen to it back instantly. It will likewise generate code to operate it in a language.

Download it Here: