Virtually exactly what the title states. I bought b .org domain for my first personal site ever from gandi.internet and that i bought hosting that is shared space from lithium hosting.

I've not found any sort of instructions for steps to make the domain title make use of the hosting space I bought, therefore if everyone could advise me on that, it would be fantastic!


You'll have to point domain NameServers for your hosting eg NS1.YOURHOSTING.COM NS2.YOURHOSTING.COM, that's inside your situation virtually it.


Typically you log to the placed you registered the Domain (gandi.internet) and there must be a location to configure the Title servers for your domain. Lithium hosting must have info somewhere on which their nameservers are, so discover that and use them gandi.internet. There maybe some additional setup you need to do around the Lithium side too (like letting them know what domain title you're hosting on their own services).

You need to tell the folks from which team you bought the domain they should point it for your webspace that is recognized by some other title or perhaps an ip. Search for something similar to "CNAME Resource Record" or "An Origin Record".

If you fail to look for a menu on the website to get this done just contact the support.