I have not been effective to find assist with this problem. What I wish to do is following: I've some C-based executables that implement the server side logic. There must be one process running this executable per client. The procedure ought to be invoked upon the very first HTTP request make up the client and wiped out when a specific HTTP request is available in afterwards.

So here's the question. How do i begin a new process from the FCGI program according to HTTP request internals, run my C-executable for the reason that process and then get rid of the process in the same FCGI program? Effectively the serving C application processes then run without anyone's knowledge.

should you download the devkit from fastcgi.com it consists of a good example for threaded server that utilizes the libfcgi functions to choose apart the headers within the worker threads.

should provide you with a good beginning point for controlling your executable instance(s).