I have began focusing on a Joomla! project (I am mainly a C#/ASP.Internet kind a man). I am using BreezingForms and also have produced forms, got them working, however I have to perform some additional code within the "Finalize Code" section.

I have to access form elements via BreezingForms(FacileForms) API. This is what I am doing, however it chokes:

// load the standard Facile Forms library
$this->execPieceByName('ff_InitLib'); // page breaks here.

// get the name of the uploaded file
$filename = ff_getSubmit('someUploadedFile');

Now I'm not sure what goes completely wrong. The page posts back blank. I am unsure how you can debug this in Joomla. I presently do not need the server to debug, and so i will have to debug remotely at runtime (not ideal I understand). My account is of type Administrator for that Joomla after sales.

So far as I understand all the plug ins/modules are installed.

Any ideas?

If you are obtaining a blank page in almost any PHP code, the chances are "display errors" is switched off. You'll either wish to turn PHP display errors on, or determine when the errors are now being written to some log file. These two configurations could be transformed in php.ini or at runtime with ini_set().

For debugging, you might like to have a look at FirePHP. There is a Joomla-specific wordpress plugin for FirePHP known as JFirePHP. I authored articles about using JFirePHP which you'll read here.