What's the browser support for getting images, links, scripts... that contains unicode figures within the domain title?

For instance does IE5+, chrome, opera, opera, safari, and mobile browsers (Dolfin, Rim Webkit, MicroB, Phantom, IEMobile...) all offer the following statement?

<script src=☺.com/s.js></script>

Just trying to know the portability of the aforementioned statement.

Wikipedia's Internationalized domain title article states this:

Mozilla 1.4, Netscape 7.1, Opera 7.11 were one of the primary programs to aid IDNA. A browser wordpress plugin can be obtained for Ie 6 to supply IDN support. Ie 7.[13][14] and Home windows Vista's URL APIs provide native support for IDN.[15]

Thinking about age individuals browsers, I'd reckon that any more recent browser, including any WebKit-based browser, supports IDNs.