I've requested several questions about the buddypress forum however i never have any kind of response or help. I appear to continually obtain a valid well considered answer around the stackoverflow community, and so i am posting my question here too. Here's my original publish towards the buddypress forum that nobody has clarified. Appears just like a good question that some dev could answer easily. maybe someone here has some experience or guidance and may point me within the right direction.

Hey, i'm wondering I discovered this web page http://codex.buddypress.org/developer-docs/custom-buddypress-loops/the-activity-stream-loop/ on editing the game stream loop with a few info on blocking the primary activity wall however i am really still confused since it doesn’t appear like several the accessible choices are right here. For instance right under it's states if ( british petroleum_has_activities( ‘type=status’) ) :

Well ‘type=status’ isn't any where listed in this article and that i know you will find other possibilities which are also unlisted. So my real question is what and how can i find all of the available alternatives for blocking. I'm establishing some custom choices for my website and that i want outside assistance. I'm acquainted with php therefore if there's personal files i'm able to take a look at i quickly would like to learn about it too.

Please Advise Thanks,

All of the filters and recognized parameters take presctiption the page you referenced (just scroll lower it a bit). For whatever reason within the example they will use type=status when it ought to be object=status as that's the right way to filter for status updates only.

You could have a look at the actual function itself to determine recognized parameters. Buddypress is way better recorded within the code than online.