I'm attempting to wrap my mind around how they are all connected. I'm attempting to then add functionality to my primary activity AJAX query if your button is clicked on. I begin to see the _corporation/ajax.php to edit and also have looked through it, although not sure where you can edit it to incorporate new options or new loops.

By now it appears I'm able to find a few of the features listed but I get stuck how they get connected up particularly when designing my very own new custom loops for use. I produced a update-loop.php and set this during my theme folder inside a new directory known as 'update' but can't appear to have it loaded up properly.

All I would like is to buy the blocking choice to filter new blogs. (if at all possible new blogs from the specific category, which searching with the available alternatives and do not view it anywhere). Note I'm not using wordpress Mu.

Thank you for any help or guidance, I've requested around the buddypress support forums (lost cause) however i never have any feedback or any peep from anyone there.


Allow me to clearly request a minumum of one question that might be very useful during my understanding and future development with buddypress in working using AJAX.

How do iOrIf at all possible create my very own custom loops and employ them inside the ajax blocking choices on the primary activity wall?

Please any help could be greatly appreciated...

I'm not sure should you custom functionality is (seperate) wordpress plugin but have a look only at that: http://codex.wordpress.org/AJAX_in_Plugins

I am afraid I do not understand what you're asking or what for you to do....