Any strategies for companies offering bugzilla hosting?

It's for maybe 5 people, but mainly personally.

I additionally need graphviz support for dependency monitoring.

Update: I have handled 3 bugzilla installs (one out of that we did some fancy changes towards the us dot diagram output). One of these simple continues to be being used. I simply don't wish to maintain individuals things, and that i prefer to pay another person to cope with that.

@christophe: I checked out wush.internet (amongst others) but Let me get actual clients of these services to express yea or nay. Thanks though.

Update: I have just registered for wush.internet bugzilla hosting. Account was placed in fifteen minutes. To date highly impressed!

Wush.internet appears to possess a Bugzilla plan: https://wush.internet/corpsite/bugzilla

  • Limitless public or private customers
  • GraphViz for visual dependency trees
  • Whining Cron for email memory joggers
  • Stats collection for reviews with time
  • Testopia support upon request
  • Bugzilla 3..5 is yet another option.

  • Limitless items &lifier customers
  • Full Bugzilla admin
  • Stats collection
  • GraphViz
  • Whining
  • Daily as well as on-demand backup copies
  • Bugzilla 4. (by February 2011)
  • Subversion
  • Migration using their company systems
  • Custom Web addresses
  • File via email

You could utilize bugzilla on 90% of hosting that is shared servers. Something similar to dreamhost is going to be cheap and effective. Although the downside is going to be that they're going to not have access to probably the most optimal set of features and repair that you'll require. What will be a much better choice is a VPS. My recommendation would "linode" as they've been within this business for a significant very long time. You'll have full treatments for your server further enablign you to definitely will work.

You can test http://world wide, they've free bugzilla for approximately 5 customers. I have used them previously and delay pills work well.