I have been assigned with building an interactive map of all of the states in america and merely wondering what the easiest way is to carry out this?

I understand I possibly could build this fairly easily in Expensive but among the needs is for this to operate with an apple iphone so clearly that rules Expensive out!


  1. Must work across all browsers and handheld products.
  2. Should be updatable via Wordpress.
  3. Must incorporate a small info box that appears when each condition is hovered.
  4. The feel of the map is going to be designed by us (we'd want complete charge of this as we are graphic artists!) so this rules out a custom Google map.

I have done searching on here and located two good examples, the very first is precisely the type of factor we would like but is completed in expensive - example

An indicator ended up being to use this however i don't believe I'll have the ability to create popup bubbles when hanging over each condition.

Does anybody know any options?


A good example I love is - Transmit's feature section. How was this built and just how could I recreate something of that nature?

You should use the common <map> tag and set some javascript to exhibit the popup.

(I believe it's even easy to just use CSS. You create all of the advertisements popping try not to display them. Within the :hover a part of each "US Condition", you are making the related popup appear.)

But there's an issue with your request: mixing handheld products compatibility and hanging isn't feasible!

It might be an excessive amount of for which for you to do, but when confronted with maps (as lengthy as you are unhappy having a non-easy to customize Google/Yahoo/Microsoft map), I'd recommend OpenLayers. OpenStreetMap utilize it along with other well-known websites.

Don't be concerned concerning the WordPress part. Obviously you'd save your time if the existing wordpress plugin is available however i think this is actually the lowest factor to think about. I coded a couple of made by hand plug ins for WordPress. It is easy (in comparison to TYPO3 for instance!)