I am attempting to build apache from source on debian. The only real reason I am not using spt-get install happens because within the apache cook book, they recommend setting up from source.I recieve the next error after i ./configure:

configure: error: invalid variable name: ' --with-mpm'

I additionally saw some alerts after i ./buildconf Is something I ought to stress about? This really is my first attempt for producing from source, and I'd really appreciate any help.

I am while using ./configure arguments from the apache cook book:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache --with-layout=Apache --enable-modules=most --enable-mods-shared=all \ --with-mpm=prefork 

I am managing a minimum debian install in virtual box to coach myself for implementing within the rackspace cloud soon.

EDIT: I am building Apache 2.2.16

I suspect you're typing that entire build line you provided on a single line, filled with the '' in the centre.

You need to eliminate '', which in party either goodies the next included in the same string, however the slash needs to immediately consume a non-whitespace character. It's also employed for special escape sequences, that we think may be the situation here and producing that message.

This ought to be the right line inside your situation.

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache --with-layout=Apache --enable-modules=most --enable-mods-shared=all --with-mpm=prefork

On the side note, does not the Apache Cook book state that building from source is a possibility for setting up it, additionally to setting up from the pre-packed build like you will get from Debian's databases? I guess should you wanted a far more recent build or perhaps a more repeatable process to make sure consistency across a number of distributions, building on your own is going to do that for you personally, but otherwise I'd attempt to make use of the distribution's package management whenever possible. Building from source removes you against the safety patches and ease-of-upgrade path that Debian APT provides you with.