I will build my first expensive website and that i take some help. I'm wondering if everyone know any lessons regarding how to design awesome and classy websites? Such as the expensive websites we have seen at TemplateMonster.com, I'd rather not order from web-site designers there since it is a significant amount of money to purchase unique websites, so I'm wondering if everyone know any lessons (apart from google) where I'm able to learn to build these awesome and classy websites? Mainly I wish to learn to build animations for example once the mouse moves, an animation starts. I already realize how to code in ActionScript with Adobe Expensive CS5 and Dreamweaver CS5, so I am not individuals newcomers trying learn new code, Among the finest to learn to design Expensive Websites with individuals awesome and classy animation features. Thank everyone hope y'all have great Expensive Website tutorial recommendations!

Expensive design generally isn't any dissimilar to other design, aside from the very fact you be capable of create more interaction. Developing a good expensive site still means having the ability to design with consumer experience and usability in your mind.

For good examples of excellent design, possibly take a look at: http://www.thebestdesigns.com/ and http://patterntap.com/

and for additional info on UX http://www.uxbooth.com/ provides extensive information.