I want some recommendations ... I had been requested to built an internet portal/blog that appears like http://iwannabemom.com/(they will use wordpress)

the main reason i'm using joomla because i've some components that i have to implement on joomla rather than using wordpress.

what's the components for (joomla 1.5): 1. top news (could be scrolled). I understand you will find Gavick, it's good ... however i need second options for your 2. thumbnail image for every articles. Joomla doesn't have thumbnail for article modules .. sad :( 3. comment system. must i use Disqus (disqus.com) or using jomcomment. About Disqus, could it be good and reliable services ? 4. Tag hierarchy ... worthwhile recommendations ? 5. I personally don't like Joomla Media Manager and Joomla Text Editor (TinyMCE) because I am unable to choose from media manager (i must type the entire url for images). Worthwhile recommendations ?

Please separate your question into separate is the owner of that a person can answer. It's simpler for individuals to reply to a particular question than the usual general question that you simply request.

For point 4: Jacek Zielinski's JTags is a great one for any Tag hierarchy.