I've spreadsheet that has column of 404 error link and it is particular 301 redirects. for e.g)

404 error page                    301 redirect      

http://www.abc.com/1.php          http://www.abc/com/2.php
..............                    ............

The spreadsheet has around 1000+ links.

Can there be any means by apache config or htaccess how can i handle bulk 301 redirects?

The easiest way for any Bulk setting may be the RewriteMap directive in mod-rewrite. Observe that this can not operate in b .htaccess file. You will need to edit it inside a real apache configuration file (and the good thing is that'll be really faster than the usual .htaccess dynamic configuration).

Look into the txt: keyword first.

Might be something of that nature:

RewriteMap myredirects txt:/path/to/my/txt/map.txt 
RewriteCond ${myredirects:$1} ^/.+
RewriteRule ^(.+)$ %0 [R=302]

When you will get it working well transform the 302 in 301, and convert the txt file for an faster hashmap using the dbm: keyword (along with a httxt2dbm command, but that is described within the linked doc).