i personally use xampp 1.7.7 after start apache i recieve this alert:

Apache began [Port 80]

And that i have opened up the httpd.conf file and that i have transformed the main harbour number to 8080 or 85. However I have above alert after totally reset xampp and begin apache.

Exactly what do i actually do?

The Xamp User Interface is Hassled. More often than not the httpd.exe has already been began however the Eco-friendly Indicator isn't showing.. try years old open ur browswer and open the website...

However look at your xampp configuration also,,

I've checked the origin code for XAMPP user interface. It's not really 100% hardcoded. It searches for a dynamic value, otherwise found, it states port 80. Well, the dynamic value Doesn't originate from your httpd.conf file

To alter the main harbour in Apache started [Port 80] message, do the following:

  1. Find location of xampp-control.exe. It ought to be within the cause of your installation directory.

  2. Produce a file "XAMPP.INI" for the reason that directory (to ensure that XAMPP.ini and xampp-control.exe have been in same directory)

  3. Put following within the XAMPP.INI file:

apache = 8080

Now , you'll always get Apache started [Port 8080]. Go to whichever port you need to display in XAMPP.ini file. Please be aware that, to display purpose only. It's no relation together with your httpd.conf

XAMPP 1.7.4 and XAMPP 1.7.7 display misleading port information within the XAMPP User Interface.

No matter which port you specify Apache to hear, the XAMPP User Interface will invariably display:

Apache began [Port 80]

This really is WRONG!!!! This can be a HARDCODED string in XAMPP 1.7.4 and 1.7.7. It doesn't reflect the particular port Apache is hearing.

see more here: http://complete-concrete-concise.com/web-tools/how-to-change-the-apache-port-in-xampp