I am attempting to create an UnderConstruction page for my new site.

I must retain all of the core files (files that are members of the website) without modification as i attempt to implement this. Including departing the index.php intact.

Presently, I've an .htaccess setup to authenticate on any accessibility site. I wish to redirect any user being able to access any page (a minimum of the index.php) for an UnderConstruction page by leaving a hyperlink there which my dev team can use to authenticate themselves and keep using the website as always.

But to be able to leave the core files intact, I would need to initiate the htaccess type authentication &lifier then in index.php (presuming that index.php is excluded in the cuth) look into the auth status.

I attempted to adjust $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'] and $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW'] however these (when i understand) requires me to by hand implement the authentication plan (ie checking against a listing of username &lifier passwords).

I am focusing on an apache with php5 on the linux server.

Any ideas?

You need to just mirror the dev version from the site to some subdomain like dev.mysite.com after which keep your being built stuff around the primary domain. By doing this you are able to secure the dev domain but still keep the being built page going and also the two is going to be isolated.

put this on htacces for every file u wanna lock

Redirect /file.extension http://www.uroot.com/index.php