I'm invoking c/c++ from PHP using spend_professional(Server is httpd).

Can there be in whatever way where I'm able to directly execute c/c++ executables from apache?

Therefore the Apache will invariably execute only one executable every time (this file functions like a router). After which this executable will require proper care of the relaxation.


You are able to carry it out via Apache's CGI (or FastCGI) interface.

I am unsure I recieve your question properly, but when you want to execute lots of system instructions out of your script, it does not really matter who calls them - you'll still finish up needing to spawn new processes and spend the money for cost for your. If you won't want to run the instructions asynchronously, e.g. should you always need one lead to proceed to another step, then just keep using shell_exec.

Unless of course I am misunderstanding and you're simply really producing C++ code from inside your PHP script. That'd be another thing.