How do you produce a db file in C#? a buddy explained it had been within the toolbox and never to make use of sqlite. I dont see anything that may be it, nor what it's known as. google didnt help:(

Can it be...

SQL Server Compact Edition – A light-weight, in-process database engine made to operate on products and desktop computers and it is targeted toward local data storage. Compact Edition features a subset of SQL Server 2005 data types and shares common aspects of the Transact-SQL (T-SQL) language using the data service engines.

There's no file-based database provider built-in to c# or even the .Internet Framework. You will find obviously pre-existing fittings for implementing SQL Server (including SQL Express), but when you'll need a completely functional RDBMS that's file-based, you should utilize something similar to SQLite or Firebird (also keen on VistaDB, not free or free but VERY solid and pretty affordable).

Around the Add New Item menu: "Service-based Database" or "Sql Server Database" if it's an asp.internet application. I am certain your friend meant it as being "produce a sql express db file in Visual Studio".

Nevertheless, should you desired to fill a clear database, with tables that match a c# model, you can produce a linq2sql model, and employ its CreateDatabase to achieve that for you personally :)

You might like to take a look (visual webmaster link, however it is applicable).

For any full/in-depth explanation of methods SQL express may be used having a semi file based approach check and it is restrictions:

If you work with Visual Studio or Webmaster Express, you will find indeed methods to easily produce a MS SQLExpress database. Go to include New Item... and it ought to be among the available file types.

Bear in mind you need installed either Microsoft SQL Express Edition (free, as with beer!) or Microsoft SQL (very not-free!, in most senses). Should you haven't carried this out, you do not get a choice of developing a database file so easily. For those who have first got it yet, you will get it here.

As other answerers have pointed out, as it happens this isn't a C# feature. MS SQL and it is types, are database programs, similar to Oracle, MySQL, or PostgreSQL. It is simply that Microsoft Visual Studio makes while using Microsoft database product super easy automatically. Distinguishing between C#, Visual Studio, and then any database programs will most likely enable you to get better solutions, faster, wherever you request. :)

Every database includes a file system in certain binary format most likely custom and utilizes a cache to manage the flow from the database(s) lifetime. Should you produce a database system, you'll need some form of cache since you simply want to read in the file when the cache has launched it. For those who have 1000 clients making use of exactly the same db, you don't wish to read/email the apply for each client request, would you like to run a queue of clients and run it from the cache to ensure that the cache knows to not release the db after it is time span for lifetime is arrived at offer rather update time span, therefore, not needing to reload the file, if disposed and queued again, before the queue referencing the db object is empty. Developing a smartly designed cache it utilized by all rdbms's to ensure that duplicate objects aren't produced and files aren't reloaded otherwise necessary.

You're mistaken. Databases aren't coded in C#. Databases are made utilizing a database system for example Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, and diverse others.

When you develop a database using among the above companies, after that you can perform actions around the database making use of your programming language of preference (inside your situation C#) to obtain data from and set data in it.