I'm looking to get some data saved inside a database will be able to query later on to show an archive. I'm able to result in the database in visual studio 2010 no problems with the fields i want. I simply can appear to obtain the program to gain access to it and add data. I additionally have looked for help on the web however they all appear not to work with me they are saying the cannot discover the database. I presently don't have any code to exhibit because i don't know things i ought to be doing. Any good websites to see might be useful i cant find worthwhile ones.

thanks ahead of time

There's a database tool known as Server Explorer that's shipped with visual studio 2010.

To gain access to it navigate to View->Server Explorer (or Ctrl+W,L). Then right-click Data Connections and choose Add Connection or Create new SQL Databasebased on your requirements. After you have an association setup you are able to edit tables, place data etc in the server explorer. Should you for instance possess a local SQL Server running its simply to choose home as server title (should come in the drop lower list), use home windows authentication as login method and select a reputation for your brand-new db.

Side note: the server explorer works best for other databases too but may need that you simply install additional fittings etc.

One other good tool to handle your SQL databases may be the SQL Server Management Studio. It must be installed individually, helpful tips for achieve this can be obtained here: Installing SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008. For me this interface provides you with better charge of your databases, tables, saved methods etc.

You'll find fundamental details about database access on msdn.