I have an over-all question - Allows say I have an SQL Server 2008 DB , and contains some nullable posts. A few of these are null plus some aren't.

Next, I query the DB for any DataRow in C#.

What value would these null fields have within the DataRow object? I am seeing they have C# "null" values, but someone here stated that DbNull != C# null....

Please explain... thanks.

DBNull.Value that is different then null.

DBNull.Value Field (System)

With untyped datasets (in DataRow), you can look at such as this: DbNull.Value.Equals(dataRow["column"])

With typed datasets, for nullable posts, you will find IsNull techniques produced, e.g. myTypedDataRow.IsMyColumnNull() which automatically you need to test prior to trying to gain access to actual myTypedDataRow.MyColumn value, if it features a null value, it might throw the best. This behavior could be transformed by setting column's NullValue property in DataSet Designer.