I have to automate the download of the file out of this site http://stats.cruz.com/reviews/Default.aspx?btnGo=View+Report. My issue is after i click the submit buttom I come unglued along with a download dialog appears. It is possible to method to download the file using c# and steer clear of the download dialog? I am presently while using WebBrowser object within the Forms set up to travel through the page.

Have a look in the WebClient class

If you wish to save a downloaded file towards the filesystem from the internet browser, there has to be user interaction. An internet page doesn't have permission to muck about inside a client's file system.

If you wish to display the page within the browser, you are able to try getting rid of the Content-Disposition=attachment... server response header once the file is downloaded. This can only work when the client has got the browser set to show such file types within the browser.

Your question does not specify what you are using to download the file.

If you are asking if you'll have a program that operates on a customer (whether WinForms application, a console application, or perhaps a Home windows Service) you'll be able to download personal files from an internet site while using System.Internet.WebClient class and calling the DownloadFile() method.

The recognized answer here (slightly diverse from you question, therefore it is not really a duplicate) includes a connect to show how you can download personal files that needs an HTTP publish first.

If you are attempting to in some way automate Ie using a javascript from the web site you are hosting to pressure personal files to download on the user without exhibiting the dialog box, then no. You cannot.