Here's my program: I am uploading a picture(Stream, FileInfo or anything you like) to some server only at that virtual directory: "C:_ResourcesAssets"

However, I would like the server to come back the URL path of this image to show it within an tag, in other words "http://localhost/Trunk/Assets/image.jpeg"

Actually, I am attempting to target your product from the Server.MapPath Method.

How do you have that please?


url = "" + Atmosphere.MachineName + Path.GetFullPath(document.FileName).ToString().Split(':')[1]

Why don't you just produce a string and replace the "C:_Assets" with "/Trunk" ? Is probably not ideal however it should enable you to get going.

string file = "" + someServer + "" + someFile

file = file.Replace(":","$")

And, if you do not seem like using individuals sill escape figures...

string file = @"" + someServer + @"" + someFile

file = file.Replace(@":",@"$")