I am likely to be writing a Home windows application while using .Internet framework and C#. The applying will have to store relational data which is quieried, became a member of and processed.

Formerly I have carried this out using SQL Server, but that's an overall total overkill for that application I'm now making.

What is the easiest, simplest method to store relational data during my application? Basically was on the Mac, I'd be utilising SQLite. What is the .Internet equivalent?

If you work with Versus 2008 and .Internet 3.5, you should use SQL Server Compact Edition. It's not just a server whatsoever, it runs in-proc together with your application and offers a fundamental SQL database. The databases are just one .sdf file and therefore are used together with your application. Becasue it is area of the framework, additionally, it means there is no additional installation. Really, It isn't really area of the framework, but it is easily redistributable. I am using SQL Server CE for any personal project I am presently focusing on, and it is switched out great to date.

SQL Server Express is what you would like. It's free IIRC and simply scales into full-blown SQL Server when needed.

Why cant you utilize SQLite? It creates home windows. SQLite Quick start.

Also see for setting it up to utilize .Internet http://www.mikeduncan.com/sqlite-on-dotnet-in-3-mins/

So you could utilize SQLite should you desired to but possibly as others have stated SQL Express is really a more sensible choice as possible upgrade to some full server if you want to later on. Although from that which you authored i'm not sure if that is likely.

Sqlite is certainly the best choice for embedded database for application storage. It's free fast and reliable.

Sql Server Compact Edition (*.sdf files). Sufficiently small for Mobile phones but additionally on the entire platform. The .internet 2 version was known as Sql Server Mobile.

Here is really a comparison between Compact and Express.

Microsoft JET Blue.

I've not tried on the extender yet but when I had been creating a home windows application and needed functionality such as this I'd make use of the built-in home windows database that's already on each and every box of home windows.


Otherwise sqlserver express, You might want to conisder Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine ( scaly lower version of sqlserver) that is free generally. or MySQL also is free. I'prefer mysql.

You should use SQL Lite with .Internet. Actually, if you're willing and also hardwearing . code therefore it can translate to mono, which includes most 2. (3.5 still approaching), you are able to run your code around the Mac, too, should you stick to SQL Lite:


It truly is dependent how much bang you'll need. SQL Express, that has been pointed out numerous occasions within this thread, is SQL Server. It's some limitations over real SQL Server, but it's the entire SQL Server engine, so it's not really a lite version, unless of course you believe restricting a database to 4 GB causes it to be light. If you want heavier services like some Confirming, some message queueing (service broker), then SQL Express 2008 is the creature.

For lighter within the MS world, you are able to opt for SQL Compact. Just like SQL Lite, it's limited in scope, however, you mentioned you'll need a lightweight database.

If you're really acquainted with SQL Lite, I see pointless to not mind that direction. Give a factory on the top of the database access, just just in case you convince you. Then you'll not need to rip your entire application to change databases.



MySQL Embedded

I'd say Microsoft Access. You'll need a licence though ...