We're using C++ .Internet to make contact with a webservice through Apache (2..63) which load balances to some Tomcat server. We used wsdl version 5..50727.42 (Visual Studio 2005) to create the webservice code from the WSDL file (duh).

We're using Apache to load balance for all of us and that we can dynamically add worker servers (which are actually Tomcat servers). Throughout this add process we update the config files around the Apache service after which run Apache.exe -k restart.

What there has been is when there's a lot through our .Internet client the customer locks up when Apache has been restarted and all sorts of communication within the network ceases as confirmed with a wireshark. The customer does not throw any exceptions so I am unsure what the issue is. If anybody has any insight or has seen this before and recognizes that problem that might be useful.