So I wish to create a program that enables you to definitely store and check for user names/passwords for websites there registered to.

I understand C# has some database options but I'm not sure much about this. I additionally heard that it may read/write stand out files.

What is do you consider is the best for storing the information?

ALSO do databases have to be saved online on the sever, or would they live in this program files?

yes, C# can function with Stand out, however i don't recommend you that. First it's not so efficient, second you receive certain to motorists. I suggest wonderful lightweight database Sqlite here is courses of instruction for .internet

Considering the kind of data you're attempting to store, I suspect you'll be wanting an advanced of security built-in for your data storage solution. I am unsure that using unencrypted Stand out or XML files will give you this. Should you use SQLite as recommended by Andrey, you could look at encrypting the database.

With respect to the scale you intend to make use of this, if it is for private use, an easy xml file is going to do aswel.

I understand you requested to keep them, but rather than storing them make use of a hashing formula, mix an expert password with a few salt (ie the title from the website) and produce a unique password for every site. By doing this its not necessary to keep as well as be aware of actual password, only the master password and also the website title.

As you are speaking about storing passwords, I'd state that more essential than determining how you can keep information is to determine how secure you really need it to become.
Here's articles that describes 3 different approaces to storing password databases and so can be a great beginning point: