I am creating a little software program for an organization. Essentially, they have to run a big list of products. Edit, remove, and so forth. Essentially, I am storing the information INITIALLY in SQLite in your area on their own computer. After they have completed modifying the "list" products, they will have to be synced to the SQL Server database around the production server.

What will be the most dependable method to sync data between your databases? I am also likely to be storing small images for every item. I am calculating between 1000~5000+ products inside the first month.

Can One do that all via SQL? Or should i convert the SQLite database to a different format? Or pull the information in the SQLITE DB, and by hand sync it?

Thank you for suggestions!

Have you thought about using SQL Server Compact Edition v4 (on .Internet 4) rather??

It might support T-SQL front to finish, and it is just like easily deployable as SQLite. It's "in-proc", e.g. only a fine DLL's to incorporate in any project, it stores everything in the single .sdf file, it requires no server install, no runtime apart from .Internet 4......


You are able to take a look in the Sync Framework, it appears enjoy it is the type of problem it's supposed to resolve.