Ok, I am attempting to submit an application for a web-based Radio Station.

I've it set to see the song title and artist and write it to some text file around the webserver.

I wish to possess the application keep text inside a string or perhaps a cache, after which reread it every just a few seconds and when it is not exactly the same then update the data box.

In which the text is saved: http://xcastradio.com/stats/nowplaying.txt

I do not require it coded for me personally. I'd much like to understand how to store text inside a string from the website.

Begin to see the example for System.Internet.WebRequest.

Drawn from individuals paperwork (and modified for the applcation):

public String GetData(String url) readers = new StreamReader(dataStream)

    String data = readers.ReadToEnd()




    return data

Refer to it as as:

String data = GetData("http://xcastradio.com/stats/nowplaying.txt")

Make use of an HttpWebRequest/HttpWebResponse, use GetResponseStream, see clearly until forget about bytes could be read, and set that right into a byte array.

Once you have the string, after this you open a FileStream to some local file, and write that byte array using the Write method.