I am getting an issue with php redirect (header) and mod_rewrite.

This is how:

1 - I log in to the system and wait time for that session expires.

2 - I click a hyperlink which has any spinning (mod_rewrite set). Ex: world wide web.page.com.br/product/25/product-title.html

3 - In applying the above mentioned file (items.php), PHP inspections the session expired and redirects to index.php?t=time() via header ("Location").

4 - Next, when the user clicks again in www.page.com.br/product/25/product-title.html, mod_rewrite doesn't rewrite towards the correct file (items.php) and keeps a cache that redirects to index.php?t=time()


This only happens with links that require spinning and redirection link that happened.

Add the function time () to make certain it's a cache with no redirects successive proof is it keeps the t = time () in clicks later

Someone had this issue, or are conscious of some type of cache this mod-rewrite producing this issue?

thanks Rafael

Are you currently carrying out a 302 or perhaps a 301 redirect? 301 is "moved permanently", meaning the browser will instantly visit the 'new' page, without checking for changes. Should you perform a 302, it is a "moved temporarily", and also the browser will see if the redirect continues to be essentially every time.