I've a credit card applicatoin that utilizes data from the table that is more often than not not altering in lots of areas of it.
This appears the right place to create a cache from it. So: i have to make cached listing of that data to utilize it, but possess some expiration timeout then my cached list should update itself from database(for this reason global static list isn't with this situation).

PS i know this isn't that difficult, but im a new comer to caching and assistance will save time, thanks. A minimum of i'm able to create static list that'll be up-to-date after a little timeout with timer in another thread, however i think such option would be too ugly.

Plenty of hints here regarding how to make that happen:


Cache could be fitted by having an expiry date therefore it goes and re-fetch the information after a set fee of your time without coping with timers etc.