Question Part A ▉ (100 bountys, granted)
Primary question was steps to make this website, load faster. First we required to read these waterfalls. Thanks all for the suggestions around the waterfall readout analysis. Apparent in the various waterfall graphs proven this is actually the primary bottleneck: the PHP-produced pictures. The protocol-less jquery loading from CDN advised by David experienced my bounty, although making my website only 3% faster overall, even though not responding to the site's primary bottleneck. Time for for clarification of my question, and, another bounty:

Question Part B ▉ (100 bountys, granted)
The brand new focus was now to resolve the issue the 6 digital images had, that are leading to the the majority of the loading-delay. These 6 images are PHP-produced pictures, small and just 3~5 kb, but loading relatively very gradually. Spot the "time for you to first byte" around the various graphs. The issue continued to be unsolved, but a bounty visited James, who fixed the header error that RedBot underlined: "An If-Modified-Since conditional request came back the entire content unchanged.".

Question Part C ▉ (my last bounty: 250 points)
Regrettably, after even header error was fixed, the delay triggered through the PHP-produced images continued to be untouched. What on the planet are these small puny 3~5Kb pictures thinking? Everything header information can send a rocket to moon and back. Any suggestions about this bottleneck is a lot appreciated and treated as you possibly can answer, since i have am stuck only at that bottleneckish problem for already seven several weeks now. My thanks ahead of time.

[Some background information on my website: CSS is at the very top. JS at the end (Jquery,JQuery UI, bought menu awm/menu.js engines, tabs js engine, video swfobject.js) The black lines around the second image show what is starting things to load. The angry robot is my pet "ZAM". He's harmless and frequently more happy.]

Load Waterfall: Chronological enter image description here

Parallel Domain names Arranged enter image description here

Site-Perf Waterfall enter image description here

Pingdom Tools Waterfall

enter image description here

GTmetrix Waterfall

enter image description here