I'm getting troubles determining what cache solution must i decide for database objects from the remote db, accesed using JDBC. Since i have have limited experience of the area, along with a couple of hrs of search got me into more confusion, i demand your help.

I'm interested greatly in solutions with : very simple implementation and needs, acceptable documentation and illustration of how-to-use, fast artist and simple to alter the entire solution later on (if needed).

The answer suggested could lack an enormous scale usefulness (under 100 customers), but shouldn't lack simplicity.

Quite simply, i'm trying to find the utmost results with minimal assets/effort.

P.S. I beg your pardon, i might have been a little unspecific. I want a credit card applicatoinOrfront-end cache, and never a server/global cache.

Basically understand properly, you are attempting to cache the information that you will get out of your database to lessen the network/database calls. Following URL has got the listing of free Java caching solutions. You are able to pick one and integrate easily to your system.


ORM framework for example Hibernate consists of cache functionality.